Vector advertising is a subsidiary of ALCAS Corporation and markets the cutlery items in North America. The company’s sales have increased at 5per cent but the administration is convinced the overall performance is below par and there’s a need to improve the current marketing strategy or even follow another marketing strategy. A number of the problems readily available feature following e-commerce, the emphasis become placed on international advertising and marketing and domestic advertising and marketing and whether or not to increase this product range. This work will offer an in-depth analysis of the Vector Company and offer guidelines in enhancing the level of the sales. It’s also worth noting this example will also relate to its competitors and their particular marketing and advertising strategies.


Alcas firm could be the mother or father company to CUTCO Cutlery Corporation, Vector marketing and advertising, CUTCO International Inc and KA-BAR knives. As a subsidiary of ALCAS Corporation, Vector advertising is charged with the obligations of offering the cutlery services and products in united states. Currently Michael Lancellot could be the CEO of Vector product sales the united states while Erick Chairman could be the ceo of ALCAS Corporation. The corporation normally doing good and also this is clear through the record product sales becoming signed up. However, with accurate documentation increase of only 5per cent Michael Lancellot is convinced that some actions has to be taken to boost the product sales.

The CUTCO worldwide offers the cutlery inside international areas in Australian Continent, Costa Rica, Germany, Korea and Puerto Rico. However, CUTCO Cutlery is in charge of the production the cutlery.  The final subsidiary, the KA-BAR knives handles sport and energy knives.

Presently, the ALCAS Corporation sells its items right to its consumers. Yet 1940s to 1970 the organization utilized tiny and separate distributors. In 1985 the organization acquired Vector advertising Corporation which had a wide distributorship network. The Vector advertising uses independent contractors in attempting to sell the cutlery things and who will be compensated on payment basis. These representatives are students who will be recruited throughout the college holiday. But there is a necessity to improve the product sales amount and also this results in the assessment for the direct attempting to sell method.

Talents and weaknesses

The cutlery products are manufactured solely by ALCAS Corporation and now have been successful in getting rid of the outsourcing producing elements. It has been instrumental in making sure the caliber of its items is maintained. Although ALCAS Corporation features an extensive manufacturer product line it’s been able to guarantee its product meet excellent quality standards. As an example, CUTCO cutlery is recognized for its quality services and products such as for example wedge-lock handle and Double-D knife blade grind. The wedge lock is ergonomically created and is comfortable to address. Likewise, the Double-D blade has enhanced functions that make it comfortable to utilize. Without a doubt, Anderson (2005) contends your customer price proposition must have attributes particularly good quality of services and products, an easy brand and revolutionary product. Vector advertising lives to the idea and it is capable rely on referrals due to good quality of their items. The organization keeps a great relationship featuring its customers and also this is illustrated because of the product-replacement system where faulty cutlery things are exchanged at no cost to the client. This might be one strategic choice form consumer intimacy (Bijmont & Tammo, 1996).

The Alcas Corporation made a wise decision by getting Vector advertising Canada which during the time ended up being the biggest independent distributor. This move was useful in accelerating its intercontinental growth pace. Using unsuccessful Vector advertising approach in North Korea the company changed its recruitment strategy which increased the product sales. The decision to develop CUTCO intercontinental to manage the worldwide areas has also been another essential choice. International techniques involve creating global associations to be able to get scale of economies (Cooper, 2000). Such methods in addition enable organizations to take pleasure from the nationwide bonuses while accessing cheap labour and products (time & Wensley, 1983). This can clarify a massive share of Vector advertising and marketing towards total income to ALCAS Corporation.

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