The 2011 China automobile use engine industry production and marketing analysis


In December 2011, the automobile manufacturing 1.691996 million cars, down 0.18per cent month-on-month, 9.26per cent year-on-year drop; Sales of 1.689614 million cars, annulus comparing growth of 2.03%, year-on-year growth of 1.38%; Year 2011, China car production and product sales of 18.418876 million automobiles correspondingly and 18.505114 million automobiles, compared to accumulative total up by 0.84% and 2.45% correspondingly.
In December, China respectively 1.510091 million units of full manufacturing and advertising and marketing the engine and 1.503913 million units, year 2011, total manufacturing accumulated 16.719138 million sets and 16.971367 million units, additionally the exact same duration this past year accumulative total contrast, manufacturing and product sales had been down by 1.21% and 0.26per cent.
A, automotive diesel motor enterprise
In December 2011, our country diesel engine correspondingly 291424 units and complete production to 299083 products, the entire year, has-been done 3.589619 million devices and 3.752922 million sets, and compared with, manufacturing and sales were down by 9.11% and 5.89per cent, fall additional expand production and sales, the long term development in peril.
From December 2011 to understand diesel motor vehicle GPS production: yuchai, QuanChai, Asia faw, weichai, cloud power, in futian, jiangling holdings, weichai energy Yang wood, dongfeng motor, shandong, we move around in diesel motor manufacturing enterprise top 10, correspondingly for 56600 units, manufacturing 36282 units, 28893 sets, 22357 sets, 17563 sets, 16408 sets, 15660 units, 15238 sets, 15123 units, 12835 units, correspondingly within the diesel engine production share was 19.42per cent, 12.45per cent, 9.91per cent, 7.67percent, 6.03%, 5.63%, 5.37per cent, 5.23per cent, 5.19%, 4.40%. The above mentioned ten companies making completely 236959 sets of diesel motor, accounting for 81.31per cent for the complete production diesel engine.
From 2011 when you look at the entire of diesel engine manufacturing to see: yuchai, China faw, QuanChai, weichai, dongfeng motor, energy, jiangling keeping in the cloud, in shandong, wood, and then we move, futian diesel motor had been accumulated before manufacturing 10, correspondingly for 612031 units, production 425961 units, 380612 sets, 369785 sets, 222664 sets, 214950 sets, 195401 units, 181070 sets, 167312 sets, 150178 units, and accumulative total respectively when you look at the diesel motor share had been 17.05percent, 11.87percent, 10.60per cent, 10.30per cent, 6.20percent, 5.99percent, 5.44per cent, 5.04per cent, 4.66percent, 4.18per cent. The above ten companies of 2.919964 million units of manufacturing, accounting for 81.34percent of this complete collective diesel engine manufacturing. Year 2011, ten enterprises before production diesel motor cumulative yield on the same period in development trend of enterprise has actually two, futian maintain the listing of 10 big enterprise, weichai power Yang wood in accumulative total yields still top ten away. Collective growth enterprise situation: futian maximum accumulative increase, hitting a 79.55% increase, more than 2percent; Then may be the automobile GPS jiangling holdings, cumulative growth rate of 3.95percent, development continued to decrease. In a downward trend enterprise features eight house by circumstance: dongfeng vehicle decreased by 3.42percent, by growing; Cloud energy within dropped 5.40per cent; Shandong reduced by 5.84percent, we move, by expanding 2per cent; reduced by 7.51percent yuchai, dropped back-up 4% roughly, QuanChai decreased by 14.48% : weichai decreased by 18.09per cent per month earlier, dropped by almost 5per cent; reduced by 21.06per cent in wood; Asia faw reduced by 24.54per cent.
From December 2011, product sales of diesel engine to see: yuchai, Asia faw, QuanChai, weichai, cloud inside powerful, JMC holding, dongfeng engine, futian, shandong, we move toward the wood in diesel engine, respectively of product sales of the 10, each offering for 51719 sets, 35344 units, 34964 units, 28946 units, 22241 sets, 15315 units, 14996 units, 14033 units, 12859 sets, 12365 sets, respectively into the diesel engine total product sales share ended up being 17.29per cent, 11.82%, 11.69%, 9.68%, 7.44percent, 5.12per cent, 5.01%, 4.69%, 4.30percent, 4.13per cent. The above ten businesses complete product sales of 242782 units of diesel engine, accounting for 81.18per cent of the complete product sales in the diesel engine.

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