Choosing the right office space is an important step for your business, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to expand.  The process can be just as stressful as moving house! In this article, we discuss what the most important factors are when looking for a new office.

The first step is to be certain of what you need from the office. No two businesses are alike, so there’s no point asking others to help at this stage. You need to evaluate your own needs. For example, if you’re an architectural practice, there’s a good chance you’ll need extra room for special equipment – and you’ll need more desk space per person than say, a call centre. Although using an office space calculator can be a helpful starting point here, you’ll need to adjust the desk space per person at the final stage to account for individual staff needs, depending on your type of business.

You also need to consider your IT and telephony infrastructure and speaking to a telecoms expert can really help here.  If your budget is limited, you might want to consider serviced offices. These have all the benefit of a traditional office let, except the IT and telephony equipment is already installed for you, and the maintenance is included as part of your fixed monthly fee.

Moving on to your office location and this is where an expert with local knowledge really comes in handy.  Angel Offices ( pride themselves in having a team of 35+ consultants available to help you pick the perfect office location. Each expert specialises in a different area of the UK, meaning you get specific local knowledge for the prospective areas you’re considering. When you’re thinking about which location to go for, you might want to look at what other businesses are in the area. Sometimes it’s good to have like-minded complimenting businesses close together – for example, financial services companies often position themselves together in the financial services area of cities. Being around like minded businesses can be good for creativity and motivation, as well as for networking.  However, you may view having businesses of the same type close to you as a little too much competition!

As well as considering which companies are close to you, it’s important you consider the needs of your staff and clients.  Find out what their commute will be like to the proposed office. Is there a good transport network close by, with road, rail and bus links to ensure that both your staff and would-be customers can get to your office without difficulty? Once they arrive, can they park somewhere safe, with low or no parking charges? You need to find an office that balances the needs of your company, including its budget and space requirements, with that of your staff, or you may find your staff will look for another job.

Speaking of staff needs, another important consideration is the facilities in the local area. It will be much easier for your staff if they can visit the bank on their lunch break, grab a bite to eat from the local Sainsbury’s and even meet after work at a nearby pub for a relaxing drink. Locating your business near useful services such as a bank, dry cleaner or childcare facility, can really make a difference to how much your staff enjoy coming to work and being a part of your business.


Above: This awesome office is home to North Advertising by Skylab Architecture.  It is clean, subtle and classy but still has the wow factor.

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