Hisense Blue Led Engine High

51 little holiday approaching, the flat marketplace demand for long-accumulated the entire release. World Expo, the entire world Cup also occasions of 2010, hot regarding the television upgrade enables consumers to improve demand to be able to

LED LCD TELEVISION , The system multimedia technology and 3D show technology to upgrade standards for the immediate need for high-end LCD TELEVISION offer marketplace. Domestic

Flat Panel TV Giant Hisense Electric recently announced that April 26 to May 5, Hisense Electrical national linkage, sparked a leading blue LED the main engine high-end LCD TV popularity crisis. Because high-end universal violent storm LCD TELEVISION’s flagship product, the Model Hisense blue LED products offer 1000-5000 per engine, and bonus TV partners also value

Gift . Hisense blue LED raise engine popular high-end TELEVISION violent storm

Hisense blue LED Liquid Crystal TV T29 series engines after 2010, three formal listing, the product quality performance and innovative features well. First Crystal LED motor technology, notably enhance the LED LCD TELEVISION image quality screen; special widget multitasking operating system, is Asia’s first television program and online content to realize superposition of watching TV, people can easily manage television purpose, no-cost delete subtract, and add brand-new programs. At the same time, Hisense established this year, the first blue-engine 3D-LED TELEVISION, will also enable consumers brand-new 3D audio-visual knowledge, pushing high-end LED TELEVISION appeal crisis.

Hisense Electric advertising vice-president Hu Jian Chung stated that customers employed for the purchase of marketplace focus in the 51

Kitchen appliances Product usage habits, pressing the high-end associated with Hisense TELEVISION universal violent storm, regarding one-hand to offer consumers even more expert, convenient buying TELEVISION guide, conversely is likewise ones which enjoy the country is directly for this basic feedback people to speed up the popularization of high-end LCD TV efforts.

Hisense is the first LED LCD TV to promote R & D enterprise, time, Hisense features a T29, T18, T28 three number of protection from 19 to 55 inches wide specs element of LED TELEVISION and have now end up being the many extensive LED LCD TV profession. In 2009, Hisense, due to the fact only Chinese organizations led the introduction of international criteria for Light-emitting Diode backlight. Hisense television this season launched a far more solid blue motor technology platform of the “LED expert” technical positioning. Hisense LED TELEVISION share of the market of retail product sales from November 2009 for 5 consecutive months since are significantly more than 30%, the greatest LED LCD TV market in China initially.

Tech further, the price for step, top-notch products, high-quality


Along with high-end LCD TELEVISION technology upgrade to carry the “release cost” bargain, Hisense blue LED motor interest in high-end TELEVISION of high-quality storm will generate a high-end LCD TV shopping experience, provide us with self-confidence, reassurance and price services, 51 customer knowledge.

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