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A new study published today reveals the biggest law firms are vigorously and successfully seeking intellectual property (IP) litigation work. The 4th edition of the CounselLink® Enterprise Legal Management styles report – Largest law offices Grab a big Majority of IP Litigation Work – provides a thorough evaluation of investing into the U.S. appropriate marketplace. In a dramatic twist in trends, the report unearthed that the “Largest 50” attorneys – individuals with 750 or more lawyers – have wrestled away most share of the market inside very competitive internet protocol address litigation practice area from smaller rivals.

The largest firms tend to be winning a growing share of marketplace in IP litigation – from 36percent in 2011 to 61% by 12 months ending 2014. The greatest 50 businesses are winning e-commerce resistant to the next two types of lawyers considering size by lawyer headcount – the “Second Largest” and the “Large Enough” – those corporations with 501-750 attorneys and 201-500 solicitors correspondingly.

“This research tends to make a powerful declaration the biggest lawyers have actually staked a claim on internet protocol address litigation work, that will be a considerable segment associated with the legal marketplace really worth vast amounts of bucks every year,” said Kris Satkunas, director of Strategic asking in the CounselLink company and concept author of the report. “The results also suggest a fresh level of adaptability amid a competitive marketplace for appropriate work. Moreover, Big Law isn’t taking this area by brute force, but alternatively by emphasizing right-sizing staffing on business client reports.”

The evaluation surfaced persuasive evidence that law firms inside premier 50 group, people that have 750 or even more lawyers, have evolved their staffing designs – reassigning IP litigation work to more junior partners in order to fulfill client demands of less expensive. Three data things in IP litigation work highlight this main trend:

1) The hourly median companion rates have declined during the period of four years, from $ 656 in 2011 to $ 622 in 2014;

2) Individual companion rates have remained essentially level where the median 1-year modification was 0.7% additionally the 3-year CAGR had been -0.4%;

3) Partners within premier 50 organizations tend to be invoicing fewer hours on internet protocol address litigation matters handled by their particular firms – under 1% on 50 % of all matters within practice location.

By contrast, opposing styles are found among the adequate group, the third tier of companies with between 201 and 500 solicitors. Once more, focusing strictly on IP litigation work, and following same design of evaluation as overhead:

1) The median per hour lover price rose notably from $ 560 last year to $ 651 in 2014;

2) Individual companion prices within the big enough group rose 2.7 percent year-over-year;

3) 5.8per cent (CAGR) over the course of three years. More than half (53percent) of internet protocol address litigation issues, serviced by adequate businesses had lovers invoicing 20-60% associated with the complete hours.

“The altering staffing designs on the list of Largest 50 indicate these law firms have consciously adjusted to market conditions in this particular segment of appropriate work,” added Satkunas. “In business terms, it might be a leading indicator your biggest law firms are giving an answer to the macro trend CounselLink found in the inaugural ELM Trends Report published in belated 2013. Whether this trend expands into various other practice areas remains to be noticed.”


There’s powerful evidence to declare that option cost arrangements (AFAs) are an increasing basic of appropriate department fee frameworks than surface information at first reveals. As an example, while the general percentage of things, structured under designs other-than-the-billable-hour, have actually remained level at about 9%, how many appropriate departments engaging AFAs has actually risen greatly.

In 2011, 59per cent of legal divisions structured appropriate work under an AFA. In four many years that number has grown to 76% or maybe more than three-fourths of appropriate divisions that have processed almost $ 18 billion in legal invest through CounselLink system. Business legal departments serving the “pharmaceutical” together with “scientific, expert and technical solutions” industries reveal the greatest desire towards AFA adoption. Among law firms, smaller firms remain doubly prone to practice alternative payment.

“Corporate legal continues to mature that divisions have found more advanced methods to implement alternative fees by breaking huge matters into phases and pricing those levels properly,” stated Satkunas. “Those law offices prepared to engage AFAs and locate a profitable design that can delivers worth are more likely to discover a receptive audience among GCs.”

The total report additionally provides a changes to six crucial metrics – a collection of metrics the report has regularly tracked during the period of four reports published semi-annually since October 2013. These metrics provide industry benchmarks ranging from lawyer panel consolidation to average companion hourly prices across rehearse areas and by geographic location.

Unlike study information, the CounselLink ELM styles report is dependent on an analysis of appropriate invoices of posted by-law businesses and processed by business counsel through CounselLink system. Since 2009, the information set signifies nearly $ 18 billion in legal investing across above four million invoices plus overabundance one million matters. Its efficiently how corporate advice is “voting” having its collective wallet. The information is aggregated, anonymized and presented returning to participating legal departments just who make use of the data to produce more granular and customized reports for benchmarking reasons.

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