Common fibre optic myths busted

(PRWEB UK) 20 August 2014

The rollout of fibre technology in the united kingdom recently reached the milestone of just one million homes and companies, yet several thousand consumers have never yet adopted this new solution, passing up on the vastly exceptional link speeds that fiber can offer.

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at commented, “Fibre optic broadband could make a hugely good distinction towards experience as a broadband customer, and prices have actually actually come-down recently. But the larger perception of fibre broadband is still certainly one of an expensive, niche service that just a few select communities have access to. This Might Be absolutely not the truth and if clients performed an easy postcode browse a comparison internet site, they’d probably see many fibre optic packages available in their area.”

Under, broadbandchoices demystifies the most common fibre optic myths:

MYTH NUMBER ONE: “We Can’t Afford Fibre Optic Broadband”

Just a couple of years ago, superfast solutions had been hugely expensive and unrealistic when it comes to spending plans of many homes, but nowadays costs are far more reasonable and include landline phone calls in the package cost. Fiber continues to be a little more expensive than its copper-wire (ADSL) equivalent, but the quality of service is so much better many customers are left desiring they had made the switch sooner.

MYTH NUMBER 2: “Fibre Isn’t for sale in My Area”

five years ago this will have-been the best reason to disregard the superfast broadband transformation, but with the UK rollout of fibre connections recently hitting the 1 million milestone and fibre for sale in three quarters of homes, how many ‘haves’ today outnumber the ‘have-nots.’ 1000s of domiciles are increasingly being connected to fibre weekly – if you should be unsure when you can have it, simply see an Ofcom-accredited comparison website and check your postcode to see if any plans are available.

MYTH NO. 3: “I Don’t Need Fibre”

If you should be simply using your broadband connection to search various web sites and send several emails every day, you’re correct – you almost certainly don’t need fiber. If, however, you may be one of many most broadband people who now use the internet for all sorts of things – from on line banking and social network to video calling and television streaming – could most likely take advantage of a fibre optic broadband link. As our internet based activities become more sophisticated, our broadband contacts need to be better quality to manage the activity without the pesky ‘buffering.’

MYTH #4: “Fibre is simply too hard to Install”

Some families genuinely believe that because fibre optic is a brand new technology, it will require countless engineers coming to dig up their pavement and drill holes to their walls. Thankfully, this is simply not the truth anyway. Anybody changing from standard ADSL to a fibre optic bargain will in some instances (yet not all) require an engineer check out – besides that, they you need to be in a position to connect it in and go.


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